Deploy Xcode with Munki

Continuing with my Munki notes, I wanted to get Xcode deployed to my laptop (Snow Leopard, 10.6.8) so that I can work with Homebrew, etc.

  1. Created a 800M, read/write DMG with disk utility
    • Labeled the mount point the same as the OS DVD (Mac OS X Install DVD) just to be safe, though I don’t think this is necessary
  2. Dittoed Xcode.mpkg and the Packages folder from the Optional Installs folder on the DVD over to the mounted disk image
  3. Convert the DMG to read-only
    • A read/write disk image does not contain a checksum which is required by Munki. (the checksum would change anytime the image was modified)
    • example: hdiutil convert Xcode.dmg -format UFBI -o Xcode-Checksum.dmg && rm -f Xcode.dmg && mv Xcode-Checksum.dmg Xcode.dmg
  4. Proceed with munkiimport Xcode.dmg as usual

There may be a more efficient way of achieving the same goal, but this process at least got me up and running.