Broken RSS feeds and 404s

I just finished cleaning up a couple dozen RSS feeds to which I’m subscribed. By “cleaning-up” I mean fixing. About half of the feeds erroring out in my RSS reader are from sites that are defunct, like the Mars Phoenix Lander project site. The site is still around, however, the mission was completed in 2008 and the site has been largely dormant since, so I can get past that. The other half of the sites, though, were still publishing new content but didn’t post any sort of heads up that the feed was moving and that subscribers should update their links. What’s worse is that all of these latter sites were technology related sites such as the Diaspora blog and Public Knowledge. It was very disappointing to see breakage like that from those two players; no redirect, no heads up, nothing. It became my onus to notice there was a problem, find out why there was a problem, find out if there was a fix, and implement that fix by updating my RSS reader with the new link. I have to admit, I’m not the best in keeping my personal sites aliased and redirected, but I’d like to think that I do a better job than that. Anyway, this is just a rant post resulting from something that I have to do way more often than I feel I should.

On a somewhat sadder note, there were a couple of sites still linking to RSS feeds that 404ed; the most notable of the bunch being the Yahoo! Trailers feed. Yahoo!, am I supposed to go to Apple to get word of new movies in the works or are you still getting around to updating your broken feeds? I certainly hope the latter is the case. If anyone has an alternative to Yahoo!’s and Apple’s movie trailer feeds, please let me know.