Lighttpd and Kerberos Support

My home NAS has a web interface powered by Lighttpd. I set out to kerberize this service and started with a quick DuckDuckGo search thinking that should get me started. Alas, I was let down. There were a few blog posts regarding auth.backend and htpasswd. Interestingly enough, none of the top hits referenced Lighttpd’s website. I loaded up and searched through their docs. The ConfigurationOptions wiki page led me to the Mod_Auth docs. Neither of these mentioned Kerberos or GSSAPI. I searched the forum which led to the bug tracker for this issue. Looks as though this patch has been approved, but is unofficially targeted for a 1.5 release. Unfortunately I’m running a 1.4 release. Also, there look to be no final builds of v1.5. Is this project stalled? I’m not too worried as I’m looking to replace my NAS at some point with newer/different software. I guess I’ll have one more criteria when searching for a replacement.