TracFone Follow-up

I just wanted to post a follow-up to my previous post regarding my switch to TracFone. Our experience so far has been very positive. We’ve accomplished the two things we sought: 1. maintain quality and 2. lower costs.

We discovered that the phones we purchased from TracFone are using the same provider we previously had, at least in our home calling area. This was a good thing because we were pleased with the quality and reliability of our previous provider.

It’s taken some time to get over the whole "oh no, am I going to run out of minutes" concern. At first, I felt as though I was constantly checking my remaining minutes and worried to stay on a call too long. This fear has started to subside. We signed up for TracFone’s "value plan"; minutes and days are automatically renewed every month. I signed up for the lowest tier plan (fewest minutes and therefore cheapest overall) and my wife singed up for the highest tier plan as she uses her phone more. We both get more minutes than we’ve been using in a month. Seeing our rollover minutes build up month after month has helped dissipate our worries. The other nice thing about the Value Plans is that, if we build up a huge pile of minutes, we can downgrade to a lower tier Value Plan and save even more money for a few months.

As it stands, we’ve cut our wireless bill almost in half. Over time, by making adjustments to our plans, we should be able to cut it even further.